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We are Peanut Butter lovers and also pro clean eating, offer you an high quality products, made with love and finest ingredients, always thinking in your health and experience, to show you we can eat delicious and healthy wherever and whenever we want.


Hello! My name is Valentina Mariana, founder of the #OrganicHealthyGirl brand . I'm 29 years old, born in Caracas, Venezuela and studied law there. Actuality I live in USA, this beautiful country opened his arms for me since 4 years ago and during this time I became Nutrition Coach certified by the ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association).


My love for cooking began in the early years of my childhood, I always prepared delicious dishes for all my family, I still doing it, in a better and healthy version. I created my IG account Organic Healthy Girl in 2019 when my husband and cousins pushed me to do it, saying that I have the experience and talent to share to the world my knowledge and delicious recipes. This was one of the best decisions in my life, I love support all the healthy choices of the persons, answer inquiries and see the people reaction.

I believe that good habits should be built and made sustainable to keep them long term. Not excesses, not diets, it’s just eat and live with balance.

My kitchen is my laboratory, there I made the best combinations, for that reason I decided start to selling my favorite recipe and snack, the Healthy Peanut Butter, to share these amazing options of flavors to you, and show you we can eat delicious and healthy wherever and whenever we want.



Hi, mi name is Javier, co founder of the #OrganicHealthyGirl brand. I'm so proud of Valentina and her incredible ability to create.


How you see, now this is a family owned project. I started to invest time and knowledge in business area to improve the success of this beautiful and lovely brand. 

We make an excellent team, passion, love and hard work is the key of this project. 

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